If you read our previous blog on how to prepare for a job interview and made it to your current position, you deserve a grand round of applause. After all, you have beaten the competition from like-minded, competent rivals and peers to make it to your dream job. This certainly is a measure of your mettle. Keep at it!

Your success means that you have learnt the art of facing an interview. Yet, all the efforts that went into making it to your current job notwithstanding, getting selected to your job is only the first step. It is the first of many steps you need to take to make the reminder of your tenure with your organization meaningful, successful and valuable.

In this blog, I have listed 11 tested ways to excel in your current job and make your career worthy. I can assure you that implementing these steps will go a long way in boosting your career prospects and making you a dream, coveted employee.

So, take a look at these tested and tried 11 steps:

  1. Take A Good Look At The Ladder You Are Seeking To Climb
  2. Arm Yourself With The Necessary Ammunition
  3. Keep Your Ears And Eyes Open                             
  4. Estimate What People Who Matter In The Organization Think Of You
  5. The More Hesitant You Are To Take Up Responsibilities, The Weaker Your Chances Of Growing
  6. An Unsocial Employee Loses Out On Everything
  7. Introspect, Introspect, Introspect!
  8. Getting Spotted In The Crowd Is Difficult. Stand Out!                              
  9. What Are Webinars And Seminars For? Take Part In Them
  10. You Are A Product. So, Brand Yourself Well                                                        
  11. Handling Failure Is More Difficult Than Handling Success. Learn From Failure.                                                                    

Take A Good Look At The Ladder You Are Seeking To Climb

The foundation to growing in your present job is to decide what you want to be in the organization. Imagine your organization’s structure as being a ladder. Then, imagine the rungs as being the various positions or stages you want to traverse. How do these rungs appear to you? Are they scalable? Are they steep? Be critical and unsparing to yourself in your assessment.

Arm Yourself With The Necessary Ammunition

The next logical step after you have assessed your growth prospects in your present job is to acquire the required firepower. If you have taken aim with the first step, make upskilling your next priority. You should also develop cross skills to be a valued employee. Have you thought about what is it to be a certified employee? The more certifications you attain, the more premium you become!

Want to understand why closing skill gaps is critical? See below:

Source: psionline.com

Keep Your Ears And Eyes Open

Keeping your eyes open to the surroundings around you and gluing your ear to the ground make you an astute employee. It is not enough to get certified; it is necessary to complement your academic learning and skill acquisition with sound observation skills.

Becoming aware of the environment around you gives you sound insight into the organizational culture, the business climate, the industry trends, etc.

Estimate What People Who Matter In The Organization Think Of You

Perception is everything, sir. It is fine to assume that you are doing the right things. But does management too think the same about you? You will never know for sure unless you ask for feedback. This is something you should mandatorily seek from your peers and all who matter.

It is more important to value it. That is, be open and prepared for all kinds of feedback that is well intended. Have the gumption toask for and be prepared for all kinds of feedback, good or bad. Also, make sure that you use your performance review effectively. This is a very critical measure of how much your organization is valuing your growth efforts.

The More Hesitant You Are To Take Up Responsibilities, The Weaker Your Chances Of Growing

Can you show me one organization in this world that values a laidback employee? Ownership and initiative are among the most cherished qualities organizations look for from their employees. To take responsibilities, first step outside your comfort zone. Throw the blanket away and prepare to face the cold. Grabbing the initiative and taking up ownership are considered the hallmarks of an engaged employee, something that organizations value like little else.

Source: smarp.com blog

Start making the move right away. Nothing will make your manager happier than seeing you walking up to her and offering to take up special projects. Involve in multiple projects, too. However, only commit to what you will definitely finish. “Under commit, over deliver” should be the mantra in such situations.

An Unsocial Employee Loses Out On Everything

We learnt at school that man is a social animal. Nowhere is it truer than at the workplace. One of the surest ways of growing in your current job is to build and expand your network. Try nurturing your network with associations and groups. Joining professional groups will help you gain a lot of insights into how your industry works and thinks, which will in turn let you grow in your career path more effectively and quickly.

Introspect, Introspect, Introspect!

Growing in your current job is like embarking on a journey you have not charted before. Any new journey requires you to understand the conditions well and assessing whether you are on track or not, from time to time.Your chances of reaching the destination diminish if you keep deviating from your path. This means that you have to learn to strategize your every move.

It is very important to keep checking at every stage of the journey how the speed and the sense of direction align with where you intend reaching. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses at every stage of your stint in your present job will help you understand where you are headed and what you should be doing next.

Getting Spotted In The Crowd Is Difficult. Stand Out!

Suppose you saw a crowd of a thousand people. Let us say 999 of them are walking normally, and one is walking upside down. It is natural to notice the odd one out and miss out on the rest, right? This is just what one who does something out of the ordinary attracts.

The simple fact is that the one who stands out from the crowd gets noticed. So, stand out!It is just that you have to be a little odd to be successful. It is said that to be successful, you have to do what nobody else has done. How do you do that? Evaluate what your colleagues are doing, and stretch yourself to do something different from what they are doing.

What Are Webinars And Seminars For? Take Part In Them!

Growing in your current job is all about learning. Why not enhance your learning by attending webinars, seminars, conferences, and other such learning platforms? Once you choose the right events and make sure they are relevant to you, you cannot imagine the depth of learning these offer.

After all, most such learning programs are presided over by industry leaders, thought leaders, influencers and other such honchos. Who could be a better teacher than these? Make sure you walk up to them and engage actively in discussion. There is no better way of clarifying anything about your career than this.

Source: Information Age

You Are A Product. So, Brand Yourself Well

At the end of the day, we all are like products that need to be marketed well. No matter how talented you are, it is very important to let people know about your talent. Unless you advertise yourself, you will remain confined to your cubicle.

Start building your personal branding. Build your social profiles and start creating a value around your name. This is how you get noticed by your organization.                       

Handling Failure Is More Difficult Than Handling Success. Learn From Failure

Handling success can be tough. Ask Diego Maradona, George Best (I don’t know how many from this generation remember this quirky genius), Tiger Woods, Frank Tyson, ex-Bond girl Kim Basinger, and the like. But, have you noticed that it is far tougher to handle adversity and failure than to handle success and fame?

This is one tip that will help you not only to grow in your present job, but in any career or organization you may take up in the future, or for that matter, in life itself. The real test of character is in how one learns to handle failures and learns from them. See a failure as a lesson.

Look forward to future opportunities. The more you get bogged down in the past, the more unsure your next steps will be. Let go of the baggage and look forward to every obstacle as an opportunity and a challenge.


This blog concludes our series on career development. We hope you have derived some value out of these blogs, and have got a hang of what to expect when it comes to facing career challenges! Please feel free to write back to us about what you think of this concluding part.

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