The world is changing through time. We can see it when we study its history. Also, it looks like time is passing faster, and this can be clearly observed during the last ten years that the era of information became preeminent. The advancement of technology changed our perception of time. You can connect with more people with just one post on social media, you can participate in several events all over the world without moving your place, just online you can attend to that, you receive numerous news and information just turning on your device in the morning. Yes! It’s too much for our minds to hold on. This new world is making us feel that we need to be productive and to do things fast because things are becoming old very fast and you don’t want to lose time right? 

With all this connection happening, we can feel too much anxiety. The last decade was too much pressure and now after the COVID-19 global crises, a lot of people need to learn to control the anxiety that arises. Lots of people are feeling that it is a great opportunity to take advantage of their vital time and start to live our precious lifetime with quality, with values, and with the pleasure of learning something. 

It’s absolutely a great opportunity to learn because in this new world of “staying-in-home”, you can really share your time. For example, have you ever thought of learning music? Do you know that this art, like others, is much more than what it looks like on the surface? Practicing music you will be working with time, memory, concentration, coordination, contemplation, creativity, math, physics, languages, cultures, senses, imagination, emotions, and more.

Awesome right? So why don’t you try? There are lots of Music Online Courses you can take advantage of and use your sacred lifetime to learn. The power of simply learning a musical instrument is beyond calculation and explanation. You will easily beat the anxiety created by your mind at this time in which we are living. 

So, here are simple five steps you can do to stop feeling anxious, begin feeling alive in the present moment:

1. Get a Musical Instrument:

There are a lot of musical instruments, and the guitar is a very good one to start. It’s a mobile instrument, it’s easy to get one in any music shop and for starters, you can get one within a nice price range. You can use a guitar to go deep in music as science and art.

2. Stay Present and Bring Your Attention to That:

When you get your instrument, you will feel the natural necessity of bringing your attention to the “present time”. You will hold the instrument with your hands, and your senses will start to be occupied in that action. You will see the instrument, you will touch it, and when you start the first movements you will listen to it. All these sensations will bring your mind to the present moment. You will forget the other worries of life focusing on that reality in front of you.

3. Do the Technical Exercises:

When you have proper guidance, that has a methodology for teaching, you will receive some exercises to develop your techniques to play that instrument. That will be a super concentration moment because for your fingers to be coordinated and get that technical result and level, you will really need to focus your attention. This focus on what you have to do will make your mind, again, forget the other things that bring us anxieties. That’s the secret.

4. Listen to A Song You Like:

The best part of music art is when we listen to artists or songs we like. This simple activity of listening to music put us in a dream state. Sound is very powerful and when it is worked with knowledge and art, create worlds inside us. In that dream state, we feel a good sensation, and that’s because we will be traveling inside us while the song will be playing from our ears to our mind and heart sometimes. Again, music is putting the senses concentrating on what is being said in the lyrics, or even in the instrumental music that can make our imagination starts to act. All this is a shield for the anxieties soldiers.

5. Try to Play That Song

And that’s why we learn music art. To play some song we like in the beginning, or/and to create the music we like and contribute to the world. Every music composition has its rhythm, melodic, and harmonic characteristics. So, when you get one you like and try to learn that, it’s a very powerful occupational activity. You will really need to practice and need to have time to do it. This will bring your attention to that structure, to that technique, and to that coordination of the senses that will be focusing on that activity. And when you see you can do it once you will feel pleasure in doing it again.

You will be living in the present time just doing these steps. Feeling that sensation of being alive, you can extend this “be present” to all other activities of your day. Taking care of our sacred time is a life medicine. The anxiety comes because we are not where we really are. It comes when our mind stays in the past or in the future, worrying with things that already happen or that will (didn’t happen yet) or never will happen. In this wrong time lived by the mind, you will be losing the gift of the present moment. Music can bring you here and now. Give time to yourself, live the sacred time of your life. Beat the Anxiety feeling the Beat of the Music.

About the author:

Bruno Tonelli

Music Instructor

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