Adobe Certified Professional in Animate Certification

Adobe Animate Certification

In this blog, let us look at some aspects of the Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification.

Adobe Animate is Adobe Inc.’s interactive, multi-platform animation tool that helps animators create vivid animation movies, games, videos, films, and audio. Adobe Animate gives the animator a huge range of options for bringing images and videos to life.

Using this program, animators can design banners, cartoons, and infographics as well, which are of tremendous use in not only the presentation of knowledge material but also in marketing and promotion. With social media being what they are, animations, being overwhelmingly visual, fit into them like a hand glove.

As with most Adobe products, Animate allows teams to collaborate remotely. And, Adobe Animate enables animations to be shared across a varied collection of platforms such as TV, desktop, and mobile, and to be exported to SVG, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and HTML5 Canvas.

Adobe awards the Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification to those who have an aptitude for visual arts and want to pursue a career path in animation or want to grow in it if they are already in it.

Benefits of Adobe Animate Certification

The Adobe Animate certification is, like most professional certifications, a gateway to a rewarding career in animation. What certification does is validate a candidate’s interest in growing in her career and authenticates it. Needless to say, when this certification is from an organization such as Adobe, it corroborates the same.

This leads the candidate into a world in which there is recognition for her talent. It opens up avenues for getting into a wide range of organizations. The most valuable benefit of Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification is that it is a globally valid one. This means that this certification can land the candidate jobs in any part of the world, where the skill is needed.

The Adobe Certified Professional in Animate Certification Exam

In this section, we will look at the Adobe Animate certification exam. The aim of this section is to help you prepare for it so that your path to certification is less uncertain. Knowing the details can help prevent derailment at a later stage.

Facts about the Adobe Certified Professional in Animate Certification Exam

Duration: 50 minutes

Recommended experience: At least 150 hours of hands-on experience following instruction

Objectives: This is the crucial part of this exam. The topics under the objectives cover the five critical areas relating to how the skills gained are put to use in the real world. Accordingly, these are the core objectives of the Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification exam:

What it takes to work in the animation industry: In addition to testing one’s aptitude for how to put animation skills to use at work, this objective also tests the candidate’s ability to grasp the legal, design, and technical knowhow that will be the key to success in their profession.

Setting up the project and building the interface: This objective is given in the Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification exam to assess the candidate’s innate strength in organizing workflow and in knowing how to incorporate digital assets in a project.

Ways of organizing documents: Documentation is a very important aspect of an animation project, and is hence evaluated.

Creating and modifying multimedia elements: Multimedia being at the core of animation, this objective targets the candidate’s skill at how she creates and modifies objects using multimedia tools.

Publishing digital media: This assesses the candidate’s strength in saving and exporting documents.

In Closing

The Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certification is something one can make a serious attempt at, because of the varied benefits and prospects it brings. One can look forward to a challenging and rewarding career in animation with this certification.

Social media are set to grow from their already high numbers, which means that becoming an animator assures a steady flow of rewards. The monetary aspects are pretty good, too, with most Adobe Certified Professional in Animate certifications commanding an average pay of $71,000.

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