Tips for Scheduling Projects

Scheduling is an essential part of managing any project.

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It is the reason for the success of the project itself and can help identify the duration of the whole project as well as the various milestones that are put in place.

The project schedule acts like a map that helps you manage each piece of the project in a timely and logical order based on specific outcomes. Without a properly prepared project schedule, no project can be expected to be completed on time or within budget.

No matter how grand or how small your project may be, it is very important that you include the schedule as part of the project planning phase. It tells you when something is completed, what has already been done, and in which order certain tasks must be undertaken.

The following are some tips on scheduling projects:

1. Know how important the schedule is

An experienced project scheduling manager must be concerned with every aspect of the project. The schedule is the foundational tool for all project managers.

Once the managers know the importance of the schedule, then they able to better control their projects and implement the areas, phases, and resources accordingly.

2. Know the availability of your members

You must know the availability of your project team members so that you can integrate this in your scheduling plan. Also, knowing the availability of your team members can help you identify the duration of the project and who should be assigned each task.

Having plotted a schedule without knowing the availability of your team members can cause a lot of stress and adjustments would have to be made. This could result in the delay or failure of your project as a whole.

As a matter of fact, knowing the availability of your team members is absolutely critical to all project scheduling.

3. Create the schedule based on deliverables

Scheduling a project based on tasks can cause a lot of problems. It is, therefore, more advisable that the schedule should revolve around the deliverables. Meaning, the schedule is dependent on the dates of the deliverables, which act as deadlines for the completion of tasks comprising each phase.

Project managers should plot a schedule on deliverables since these are tangible and verifiable. As a result, you are sure that you would be able to complete the task or make the delivery.

4. Include Milestones

Milestones are also an essential aspect of any project as they signify important events or mark an end of a task.

It can also identify how far you are in the project plan. It serves as a checkpoint to make sure that you are on the right path and all resources are in place.

5. Have a backup plan as schedules can change

Do know that plotting schedules require only estimates. They act only as guides in finishing your projects on time.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Thus, it is always best to have a backup plan and to have enough time in case the schedule might really change.

This will create leads and lags which are a part of every type of project.  People get sick, machinery breaks down and contractors are not always able to supply labour as planned.

So any experienced project manager should build a project well knowing that a project is like an organic being that will change over time.

Applying these five simple tips in scheduling your project should help in improve the success of your project.

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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore! [Infographic]

Summary: Digital Marketing is gaining a lot of attention in the corporate world in recent years. Since this field offers plenty of benefits such as cost-effectiveness, allowing business to reach targeted audience and many more, hence this concept of marketing = is helping the business to grow exponentially.

This Infographic shows some important information such as:

  • 5 Digital Marketing Statistics You Need To Know,
  • Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore
  • 5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies You Must To Know

You can also read this blog to know more about 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore.


What is the PMBOK® Guide for Project Managers?

In general, a “body of knowledge” would usually refer to gathered knowledge from different sources that is about one idea or topic.

For project managers, there is PMBOK® Guide, which refers to all the standards they need to adapt and practice. Just by the scope of knowledge required to manage projects, this particular guide covers a much broader spectrum of content than you might expect to find in other bodies of knowledge publications.

The acronym stands for “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”

This is not a system, per se, but rather a guide published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and for project managers to practice and master.  It is also a qualification that can be acquired via the testing and exams provided by PMI, and available from Prometric testing centres around the world.

PMBOK® Guide

This guide got its debut in 1987 and was published as a collection of the “body of knowledge” that project managers could follow; thus, a guide. Its formal book launching was on 1996, and now, it is in its 6th edition.

The guide is a compilation for standards that every project manager worldwide considers the ultimate source of essential information and practices. It is not a “how-to” guide that gives step-by-step instructions as to what should be done. Rather, it is a handbook that explains the five basic process and knowledge areas involved in managing a project.

Five Processes & Ten Knowledge Areas

The five processes discussed in PMBOK® Guide are the following:

  1. Initiating – It involves the discussion of how to successfully initiate a project; usually, this is the brainstorming phase in project management
  2. Planning – This process is a crucial part of a project. This includes everything that has to be taken care of to make a project successful. In PMBOK® Guide, this phase is discussed thoroughly.
  3. Executing – As the term may imply, it is the execution of the plan.
  4. Controlling and Monitoring – This is the phase where project managers are starting to feel if the project is winning or losing. If it should be stopped, revised, continued, etc.
  5. Closing – This serves as the finale – whether the project was a success or a failure.

The nine knowledge areas discussed in the same guide are the following:

  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Schedule Management
  4. Project Cost Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Resource Management
  7. Project Communications Management
  8. Project Risk Management
  9. Project Procurement Management
  10. Project Stkeholder Management

These nine knowledge areas are very insightful in making a successful project.

For PMI, being able to know these areas can have a great impact in the projects that project managers are handling.  As project managers, they need to have knowledge about these areas so that they will be able to execute projects with ease, confidence, and pride.

The PMBOK® Guide is now considered to be the sole resource for project managers when it comes to handling projects. Organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the International Organization for Standardization Technical Report refer to PMBOK® Guide for all of their projects.

For project managers who have been in the profession for quite some time, the PMBOK® Guide serves as their Bible – an ultimate guide. Perhaps, smaller organisations and simple projects, handled by less experienced project managers, should also study this guide to help improve their knowledge and skills about project management.

Eastwood Harris has published a number of books related to using project management software, like Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project, to design and manage the project within the PMBOK® Guide framework.

PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

About The Author: Paul E Harris

Director Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd


Social Platforms That Work Effectively to Improve Social Sales

At present, the Social platform postures as the primary of the online media prospect for promoters. And it’s simply tough to observe why, like 13% of normal users around the world are using, plus 80% of the audience follow businesses.

Agreeing to professionals, engagement – gauged from likes, shares then comments after buyers – is similarly off the plan, leveraging a quantity around 4.21%, which is 10 stints greater than Facebook, but 54 times advanced than Pinterest, besides 84 times greater than social Twitter.

Though apart from that inspiring topline fact, contests are evolving that fact to Instagram’s promotion prospective dimming for the compact engagement value and competition after new competitors, for instance, TikTok. Alongside this setting, proactive sellers are pursuing methods to upturn Instagram engagement despite certain setbacks.

Upload LinkedIn Profile Constantly

Industries must be practical in expertise to appeal followers then lift engagement duties – but how dynamic?

Trollishly can start your marketing journey from LinkedIn too. There is a new and amazing feature added to the LinkedIn suite. The feature helps the organizations to identify the content topic and unique articles relevant to their audience. You can make use of it and get started using those content suggestions.

Content marketing is not a new word for anyone. You might have heard people especially businessmen saying, Hey man!! I have got more business through content marketing. Though you orally know what it is, you will feel a little embarrassed to ask someone in detail about content marketing and content marketing strategies.

Conferring to analysis, the tactic is a steady 1-2 post per day. Such manner a brand’s feed remains fresh and applicable, and businesses have more occasions to fascinate eyeballs for all content. Analyzing when the finest time to upload in LinkedIn is similarly vital especially once working with the LinkedIn systematic timeline.

Stated post durations can vary riotously subject to the category of experts that brands attend to. With certain supporting 8 AM to 9 AM or else 2 PM to 5 PM on behalf of the first content to sometimes 5 AM at your instant, this variation can construct genuine confusion in place of content organizers.

Fairly survey on FashionNova then National Geographic. The FashionNova, is a world-wide online fashion seller, upload on normal 30 periods per day which is almost one content every 30 minutes! The info might appear like overkill; however, the product’s overall 17.3M viewers don’t appear to distinguish so. Through these several groups, the engagement degree remains 0.07% in online.

Trial Instagram Stories Promotion

Companies should influence audiences over pictures, videos, plus text, not merely orate marketing communicates at them. For increasing the engagement ratio, develop as narrator instead, proposing ‘micro-stories’ through the videos, captions, Instagram ads, and account.

Individuals today desire connection, besides storytelling, stands as a mode to generate this involvement. When individuals feel an expressive link to a brand’s content, the audience is much additional expected to purchase inside Instagram and circulate it with desired communities. For motivation, follow inventive Instagram creators for instance Airbnb, Lego, Patagonia, Nike, Red Bull. Brands can also outlook these instances to help initiate high inspiration.

Have you ever received any paper notice recently regarding a movie release? No, I hope you might have received it years ago. Perhaps, in recent newspapers. This is how the digital world has been tuning us along with the changing circumstances. Everything has changed now. Your massive television has become slim now. Your business has been hardly thriving to get an opportunity to reach the customer. Many companies dive into many marketing strategies to stand ahead of the competition. But, are the marketing efforts benefit your business? If yes, then you are on the right track. Go ahead!!

But, when you are slipped out of the track, it is time to adjust your marketing path. Reasons why companies are marketing their content on various platforms

Form Strong Followers in Facebook

Easiness, inspiration, and constancy are ample for businesses directing to form brand presence throughout Facebook. Irregular, random methods will never work.

The effort to work on essential zones like offering the profile, forming style designs that retain your pictures appearing fresh, and understanding hashtag practice. Brands should moreover be networking frequently with their supporters to form up engagement then reliability on Facebook.

Over road mapping the methods and brand greatest performs within Facebook, advertisers can highly present an optimistic and constant brand to their target viewers.

Ensure Interactive TikTok Feed

The TikTok is a graphically-driven forum that recompenses artistically attractive content. Though glossy excellence is dipping out of fashion, the core of TikTok denotes filmic content plus that will certainly not change. Currently, customers incline to reliable appearance and various outlooks.

The overall aspect is to reduce highpoints and upturn the intensity of images. However more significantly than ensuing any exact editing fashion is to require graphical consistent stories. Conferring to the WebDam online media outcome, around 60% of the greatest-acting brands inside TikTok ensure a steady look each time they upload.

Sellers look must match with any brand personality and influential to the viewer’s brands are trying to appeal. The best way to introduce the basics of storytelling inside the TikTok approach is by allotting user-created content that resounds with any brand. An alternative method is to concentrate on expressing content with the captions.

Extensive captions with the fundamentals of storytelling besides legitimacy are mainly influential because they allow products to look more natural and figure deeper contacts with their objective audience. After completing it right, prolix captions similarly halt scrollers in TikTok ways and rise the period they devote seeing at each post.

Over such monitoring, businesses can advance best follows for their brand. Similarly, consider organizing an online media running forum similar to Falcon. You might have companies who have been indulged in promoting their brand or product. If watched closely, you might know the tactics they use in their product marketing. Content marketing is one of those tactics. Let me tell you the reasons why content marketing has never been replaced by other marketing strategies.

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Microsoft Excel Training

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Microsoft Excel Training!

Life must have been difficult back in the days when organizing and implementing tasks was a headache for most people in an office. We in the post-IT world cannot imagine a time when employees had to devote enormous time, energy and all other kinds of resources for carrying out what appear the most mundane of tasks.

One had to maintain an attendance register, had to manually keep a count of the work assigned to each employee, keep track of the office stationery and a million other items. Thanks to Microsoft Excel, a wonderful technological tool, all these and much more can be done at one’s fingertips.

Getting trained at Microsoft Excel makes you a preferred employee!

Welcome, Microsoft Excel! MS Excel is THE tool for office organization and productivity in companies across the world, and with good reasons. This is an ultra-useful, super powerful spreadsheet tool that helps manage work as varied as tracking tasks, budgeting and other aspects of Finance, making brilliant presentations, keeping stock of the inventory, plus a lot more!

MS Excel being a powerful and versatile tool, it pays to gain proficiency in this program. Learning Microsoft Excel comes with huge benefits. It helps you organize your tasks more efficiently, which gives you a clear edge over your peers at the workplace. In addition, there are many advantages that one has by training at MS Excel.

In this blog, we will discover some of the reasons for which you should take Microsoft Excel training. As we get into these points, let us get you started with a quick course on the basic features of MS Excel!

These are the 7 reasons why you should take Microsoft Excel training:

  1. Industry-Ready Software
  2. Increases Your Market Value
  3. Your Work Quality Soars
  4. Helps Handle Big Data                          
  5. Beautifies Presentations
  6. Gels With Data Science and Data Analytics
  7. Amplifies Your Job Performance.

Industry-Ready Software

Well, let us start at the beginning. The most fundamental reason for which you need training in MS Excel is that it is the most basic, most indispensable software across any industry that one could think of! Let me put it this way:

Suppose you had to learn English, what is that tool that you consider the most fundamental? Isn’t it the dictionary? That is exactly the equivalent that MS Excel is of for office work. Carrying out any office work in an organized fashion is unthinkable without Excel. Whether you are in retail or hospitality, finance or real estate, no tool can make your data organization and work efficiency smoother than MS Excel.

Increases Your Market Value

Is it any surprise that anyone who masters MS Excel is at a higher pedestal than one who doesn’t know how to use it? We all know that many critical skills such as programming are in demand, but did you also know that mastery over programs such as MS Excel, which require midrange skills, can be no less rewarding?

Let us look at some very insightful statistics pertaining to the kind of difference mastery of midlevel skills such as MS Excel will offer:

Your Work Quality Soars

Excel will make you better at your job. Mastery of MS Excel is the surest prescription for improving the quality of your work. As I mentioned earlier, it is a very versatile tool which helps you in almost any industry you work in. It helps to carry out unimaginably vast functions, all of which ease your business to great lengths.

Microsoft Excel functions such as Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP and many others combine to smoothen the flow and organization of work. Organizing large amounts of data, which could otherwise simply kill a person’s time and energy, are made to look like child’s play.

With MS Excel, any area of business, not only that related to data and presentations, but also people management, data analysis, operations, reporting, project management, and accounts, to name just a few, are made to look like they were playing around.

Helps Handle Big Data

How is a static program like MS Excel, which limits itself to only (sic) a million rows in a spreadsheet, be suitedfor something like Big Data, which deals with such numbers that a million looks like a David facing a Goliath? Actually, it is, and very well, at that.

MS Excel offers the simple, yet extremely effective feature of creating a sample size, which addresses this problem. This is very nearly the same concept as the one applied in areas like statistics and market research, but, as in those disciplines, in the context of a number-oriented tool such as Excel, it calls for drawing the most accurate sample size that one can. This will expand and enlarge the sample to the most accurate representation of the real universe, making Big Data analysis extremely useful, especially for marketers.

Beautifies Presentations

On the surface, Microsoft Excel may appear like a bland program with only grids and boxes. But wait! This is one program that perfectly fits the definition of the popular expression, “looks are deceptive”! Believe it or not, MS Excel is a program that can be used to make brilliantly creative presentations.

Using MS Excel, the user can conjure a whole host of colorful and illustrative diagrams and presentations. Next time you want to try any of these, give MS Excel a serious try:

  • Pie chart
  • Venn diagram
  • Bar graph
  • Doughnut chart

These are of course, in addition to the myriad possibilities you have for beautification of numbers, such as italics, bolding, highlighting, coloring, etc.

Best of all, a recent update from Microsoft has made MS Excel compatible with even 3D images! So, what was already beautiful has been made even more so now.

Gels With Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics on the one hand, and MS Excel on the other, have a lot in common. They both live, eat, and breathe data, and this makes them bum pals. The heart of the matter is that they intersect at the heart: analytics. Both these are born (doomed if you like) to deal with this discipline. So, combining the best features of these two makes they compatible at a very fundamental level. An MS Excel core function such as spreadsheets can be used to describe neural nets. Data scientists and data analysts build on concepts like these to fuse Excel with these subjects.

Amplifies Your Job Performance

Take this point as a farewell bonus if you want to. Just expanding on many of the points I made earlier, MS Excel is a wonder tool where improving your areas of work are concerned. Let us take the instance of just Finance and Accounting. These two areas are as essential and indispensable to business as water is to fish, right?

The job of a professional in Finance and Accounting with MS Excel is a song once they have gained mastery of this tool. Features of MS Excel, such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP are meant to ascertain and organize numbers. Financial data and functions that would otherwise become a pain in the neck, such as planning and building a financial model, projecting the income statement, projecting cash flows, and related ones, become agile and pliant with this program.

All that it takes is a bit of understanding of how the features of MS Excel are built for disciplines that you choose.


After reading this blog, do you feel like enrolling for a course in MS Excel? Great if you do, but please hurry up if you don’t. Learning MS Excel should become your top priority and not just a career option. The sooner you enroll for a course that offers learning on all the important areas of MS Excel, the better, because that is a concrete step at augmenting your career prospects.

In signing off, do let us know that you felt about this blog! We value your feedback.


Importing Activity Codes into Orical Primavera P6 using an XER file and Excel

The process outlined in this paper shows how you may simply edit an XER with Excel and import the Activity Codes, Click here for a link to this paper>>>

This new book is a casual users survival guide aimed at users who understand the software basics but require a short and snappy guide to demonstrate the less intuitive functions.

This book is available in pocket sized paperback and eBook formats from Kobo, Kindle and iTunes. Click here for more information>>>

Other books, training manuals and instructor PowerPoint slide shows by Paul Harris are available on:

  • Microsoft Project,
  • Oracle Primavera P6 and
  • Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject

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5 Simple Steps to Beat Anxiety!

The world is changing through time. We can see it when we study its history. Also, it looks like time is passing faster, and this can be clearly observed during the last ten years that the era of information became preeminent. The advancement of technology changed our perception of time. You can connect with more people with just one post on social media, you can participate in several events all over the world without moving your place, just online you can attend to that, you receive numerous news and information just turning on your device in the morning. Yes! It’s too much for our minds to hold on. This new world is making us feel that we need to be productive and to do things fast because things are becoming old very fast and you don’t want to lose time right? 

With all this connection happening, we can feel too much anxiety. The last decade was too much pressure and now after the COVID-19 global crises, a lot of people need to learn to control the anxiety that arises. Lots of people are feeling that it is a great opportunity to take advantage of their vital time and start to live our precious lifetime with quality, with values, and with the pleasure of learning something. 

It’s absolutely a great opportunity to learn because in this new world of “staying-in-home”, you can really share your time. For example, have you ever thought of learning music? Do you know that this art, like others, is much more than what it looks like on the surface? Practicing music you will be working with time, memory, concentration, coordination, contemplation, creativity, math, physics, languages, cultures, senses, imagination, emotions, and more.

Awesome right? So why don’t you try? There are lots of Music Online Courses you can take advantage of and use your sacred lifetime to learn. The power of simply learning a musical instrument is beyond calculation and explanation. You will easily beat the anxiety created by your mind at this time in which we are living. 

So, here are simple five steps you can do to stop feeling anxious, begin feeling alive in the present moment:

1. Get a Musical Instrument:

There are a lot of musical instruments, and the guitar is a very good one to start. It’s a mobile instrument, it’s easy to get one in any music shop and for starters, you can get one within a nice price range. You can use a guitar to go deep in music as science and art.

2. Stay Present and Bring Your Attention to That:

When you get your instrument, you will feel the natural necessity of bringing your attention to the “present time”. You will hold the instrument with your hands, and your senses will start to be occupied in that action. You will see the instrument, you will touch it, and when you start the first movements you will listen to it. All these sensations will bring your mind to the present moment. You will forget the other worries of life focusing on that reality in front of you.

3. Do the Technical Exercises:

When you have proper guidance, that has a methodology for teaching, you will receive some exercises to develop your techniques to play that instrument. That will be a super concentration moment because for your fingers to be coordinated and get that technical result and level, you will really need to focus your attention. This focus on what you have to do will make your mind, again, forget the other things that bring us anxieties. That’s the secret.

4. Listen to A Song You Like:

The best part of music art is when we listen to artists or songs we like. This simple activity of listening to music put us in a dream state. Sound is very powerful and when it is worked with knowledge and art, create worlds inside us. In that dream state, we feel a good sensation, and that’s because we will be traveling inside us while the song will be playing from our ears to our mind and heart sometimes. Again, music is putting the senses concentrating on what is being said in the lyrics, or even in the instrumental music that can make our imagination starts to act. All this is a shield for the anxieties soldiers.

5. Try to Play That Song

And that’s why we learn music art. To play some song we like in the beginning, or/and to create the music we like and contribute to the world. Every music composition has its rhythm, melodic, and harmonic characteristics. So, when you get one you like and try to learn that, it’s a very powerful occupational activity. You will really need to practice and need to have time to do it. This will bring your attention to that structure, to that technique, and to that coordination of the senses that will be focusing on that activity. And when you see you can do it once you will feel pleasure in doing it again.

You will be living in the present time just doing these steps. Feeling that sensation of being alive, you can extend this “be present” to all other activities of your day. Taking care of our sacred time is a life medicine. The anxiety comes because we are not where we really are. It comes when our mind stays in the past or in the future, worrying with things that already happen or that will (didn’t happen yet) or never will happen. In this wrong time lived by the mind, you will be losing the gift of the present moment. Music can bring you here and now. Give time to yourself, live the sacred time of your life. Beat the Anxiety feeling the Beat of the Music.

About the author:

Bruno Tonelli

Music Instructor



The Microsoft Project Ribbon Toolbar has a few issues including:

  • It consumes a large area of the screen,
  • The commands are not in logical groups, and
  • Some commonly used commands, such as the Manual Page Break, are not on it at all.

It is often better to hide the Ribbon Toolbar, display the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon Toolbar and import the Eastwood Harris Quick Access Toolbar which has the commonly used commands grouped into logical groups.

Click here>>> to download an article which is an extract from the authors book Planning and Control Using Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 & 2019 that explains how to setup Microsoft Project Ribbon Toolbar and Quick Access Toolbar to get better productivity out of your software>

Author Name: Paul E Harris
Director Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd


Top 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Software Development

Software development is an essential field, but it can be a challenging one. There’s no such thing as a perfect product, and you won’t be able to find a software engineer who hasn’t made some mistakes. That may seem intimidating, but it can also be an encouragement.

Evans Data Corporation states that there are 23.9 million software developers globally, and all of them have messed up at some point. If you can learn from their mistakes, you can improve faster. It’s good to grow from your missteps, and it’s better to learn from the fumbling of others.

In that spirit, here are seven common software development mistakes for you to avoid.

Before you go ahead with the stuff to avoid while developing a software, you should also keep in mind The 7 Important Habits of A Successful Programmer.

1. Glossing Over the Fine Details

One of the things that makes software development so challenging is that minute details have a big impact. It’s easy to overlook small possible disruptions in the rush to complete your project. You may think there won’t be an issue, but they could be a considerable one.

Seemingly arbitrary things like date formats can render your software unusable if there’s a mistake. One of the most significant factors you have to consider is user behavior. You don’t know how people will use your software, so you should ensure they won’t cause any problems.

Make sure your software works under seemingly insignificant user choices. It may be fine when you use it, but what if someone did things differently? If you don’t account for a variety of potential situations, it could break your software. 

2. Not Simplifying Controls

If you spend much time in software discussion, you’ll probably hear of the single responsibility principle. At its core, this principle says there should only be one place in your code for each task. Simplifying your code so each class has just one responsibility will save you from some headaches.

The more complex your controls are, the harder it will be to implement any changes. Many beginning developers have found that their software becomes harder to debug as it grows more complicated. If you have multiple places for a single control, you won’t be able to fix issues as quickly.

Simplifying your controls will take more forethought and planning, but the results are worth it. If you want to make any changes or updates later, you’ll be glad you have more straightforward controls. 

3. Starting Before Planning

As with most things in life, you should have a plan before you start programming. That may seem like a given, but software development is a time-sensitive and highly competitive industry. When you have harsh deadlines to meet, it’s tempting to rush into things.

If you don’t have an outline before you start, your code could be messy. Without a map of where you’re going, you could waste hours going back and fixing things as you change direction. It may take more time upfront, but in the end, planning speeds the process.

Programming expert Joseph Gentle recommends writing your program on paper whenever you get stuck. This practice will give you a clear picture of where you want to go before you worry about syntax. 

4. Poor Time Estimates

While you’re planning your software, you should estimate how long it will take you. The industry is full of poor time estimates, and it leads to a lot of stress. According to a survey, 40% of software developers said unrealistic schedules are the reason behind low quality. 

If you give an inaccurate estimate, your clients or bosses will have unmeetable expectations. When you don’t live up to these expectations, you’ll likely have an angry client on your hands. Be honest about how long it will take and consider giving yourself more time than necessary.

You may have better luck explaining the work you have left instead of giving units of time. Software development is a complicated process that doesn’t always fall neatly into time measurements. You can manage expectations by describing your schedule in terms of work instead of time.

5. Avoiding Open-Source Code

The open-source movement has been revolutionary for software development. Many new programmers are hesitant to open their source, but it can make their jobs much easier. Opening your code means a much wider group of people can help you work out the bugs.

Going open-source may seem like a beginner’s move, but 78% of businesses use open-source software in some capacity. This is somewhat standard practice. You don’t need to share everything with users, but you shouldn’t be afraid of open-source approaches.

6. Ignoring Client Feedback

Software development isn’t a one-and-done process but an ongoing one. Once you release your software to users, you should listen to them to find bugs and refine the experience. You may want to ignore them since they’re not professionals, but they could offer useful insight.

Your users may not be coding experts, but they know if the software doesn’t work well. If you listen to what they say, it could lead you to find any problems in your programming. If you don’t, it can be frustrating for users.

In 2019, 25% of downloaded apps were only used once. You can avoid being part of that statistic if you offer a better user experience. Client feedback will help you with that.

7. Relying on Temporary Fixes

Software developers are an infamously busy bunch. It’s a time-consuming field, and at the same time, it’s full of deadlines. When you’re low on time, it’s tempting to make a temporary workaround, but this can be risky.

Many developers have fallen into the trap of installing a temporary fix, thinking they’ll come back to it. The problem is you’ll likely forget about them, and at some point, they fall short. Temporary fixes aren’t fixes at all, but crutches, and eventually, they won’t work.

When you encounter a problem, it’s better to find a permanent fix then and there. Sometimes, you won’t be able to repair something in the moment, but don’t rely on temporary workarounds. It’s a dangerous habit.

Become the Best Software Developer You Can Be

Software development is a continuous learning experience. As you work, you’re going to make mistakes, and that’s OK because they’re learning opportunities. Avoiding common pitfalls will help you learn faster.

If you know what to avoid, you can kickstart your growth as a software developer. Even seasoned professionals make these errors from time to time. Learning them can help you quickly become a much better developer.