The pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways, but one thing we have all experienced is the high numbers of us working from home. Even if you haven’t personally been remote working, you certainly know someone who has. Countries are slowly reintroducing different industries back into the workplace, but this doesn’t come without its complications.

Having been away from colleagues for so long, relationships may need to be strengthened between managers and staff. HR software such as those offered by Cezanne HR and similar online tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Sheets is a recommended first step. It is also imperative that the workplace is safe for each individual, in both physical health and that all are mentally prepared for this move.

Ensuring all steps are put into place days or even weeks before returning to work can lead to happy, productive and healthy staff members but exactly how can we implement this?

Are You Up To Speed?

With months away from your colleagues, your current knowledge of your profession can easily dwindle. Industries are constantly adapting and changing and without management informing you of these changes, you may have missed out on gaining this information.

Similarly, company procedures and processes may have been altered to accommodate the virus and this could have been lost in communication between you and management.

If your workplace is already using an online HR system, make sure you check any incoming advice. If this has not been implemented, you can always suggest this to management. This will save time when you do return if everyone can utilise these programmes from home.

Health & Safety

This is the most crucial element when preparing to return to work. Firstly, read up on the current government guidelines, these are constantly changing and you should always be following the most recent advice.

Although it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure all actions are taken to reduce the spread of the virus, that doesn’t mean employees don’t need to know this information. Especially in a small business that may not have their own HR department, everyone should collaborate to come up with solutions.

Social distancing is key, make sure desks are spaced widely apart at all times and stagger lunch breaks so kitchen areas don’t become overcrowded.

If you aren’t provided with the correct PPE, you have the right to demand this. If you don’t feel safe returning to your workspace, let your employer know.

Company Training

On-going training is essential to any business to help staff grow and ensure all team members are providing the best results possible. Unfortunately, this may have gone array during remote working.

When you return to work, it may be the last thing on your employer’s mind to provide training as most of the focus will be on returning the business to normal and ensuring the company can get through this economic downturn.

This doesn’t mean you can’t take initiative yourself. Online learning is a brilliant way to enhance your knowledge of your field or just better yourself in business. Before returning to work, take a few days to find a course that will benefit you.

There’s no harm in asking your employer to allow you to complete this during working hours and there may even be the budget to have this as an expense.

Not only will this help you return to work, but it will also provide you with great brownie points from your manager and could lead to others taking up this opportunity.

It’s a hard truth that employees around the world have lost out on promotions and pay raises due to the pandemic, showing your bosses you are thinking ahead and still eager in your role will help you argue your case in the future for these missed bonuses.

Looking For Work?

You may be desperate to return to work but have been one of the unfortunate employees who have lost their job due to the pandemic.

As these numbers of unemployment are climbing at a staggering rate, it means competition is higher than ever when it comes to applications. Many businesses are reluctant to open positions at this time as we are unsure of where the economy is headed, so it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd.

Never underestimate the power of a well-written resume, if you aren’t confident in doing so, it is highly recommended to look into how to write a resume.

Job interviews are being conducted in new ways and even if you nailed every previous one, video interviews can be nerve-wracking for even the most seasoned candidate. Employers are becoming increasingly tough with these so they can quickly filter out those deemed unsuitable for the role and reduce any risks with employment. Learn the top 10 toughest interviews questions so you can be confident with your answers.

Are You Ready?

You may feel ready to safely return to work and your knowledge of your industry is up-to-date, but are you ready emotionally?

The change into remote working life was so quick, we had little chance to process this and no choice in the matter. This left some feeling disorientated, worried and even alone.

The return to your workplace doesn’t have to be so swift. If you feel like you need to be eased into this, there is no shame in letting your employer know. You could request shorter working hours or reduced days in the office.

After all, we don’t know how we will feel until we get back to work and it could be overwhelming due to ‘normality’ still not being one hundred per cent.

You also need to consider your household, do you live with a vulnerable family member? In this case, it may be best for you to continue working from home to reduce the risk of spreading anything to them. Make your managers aware of this, they should be happy to comply.

Each business will be different and so is each employee, just because one of your colleagues seems to be coping well, that doesn’t mean you should be too. Communication is key between colleagues and staff members. If you have any doubts, let your employer know and don’t suffer in silence.

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