Marketing is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more businesses fight over limited marketing opportunities. Advertisement can be in the form of physical banners, radio ads, TV ads, but is increasingly moving online to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube.

Different businesses require different advertising strategies to take advantage of their unique business niches and audiences. In this way a marketing strategy can make or break a marketing campaign of a niche business.

Typically, online advertisement has been cheaper than traditional physical ads and those inserted between radio and TV segments. This is because the ads are targeted to the right audiences – which can greatly increase return on investment (ROI). This is the power of collecting data.

For instance, Facebook allows you to target certain demographics and people that like certain pages, or that have visited your website previously. Google allows you to target people that are actively searching for particular keywords. Youtube ads can be inserted in videos relevant to your specific product or service.

The online revolution has saturated the online advertising channels and more and more companies have started using these avenues for their marketing strategies. However, perhaps a more overlooked strategy that takes longer and does not give any immediate reward is SEO. SEO is a strategy that helps a website rank higher in Google Search and once done correctly, can provide passive leads for years to come.

Marketing in the fitness industry – videos, personality and Instagram

The fitness industry is a huge industry that is growing every year. As more countries become richer and able to afford luxury services – many people opt to join gyms and hire personal trainers. This trend is exacerbated as richer countries typically do not have food shortages but instead citizens tend to overindulge in their favourite foods.

Marketing in the fitness industry is largely visual. Everyone wants an athletic body – whether that’s guys with abs or girls with booty. Gyms have mastered people’s desires and provide them with solutions to their desires – if only people had the motivation to follow through! That’s where personal trainers come in.

Personal trainers can guide clients to a better, healthier, stronger and fitter life. Personal trainers themselves become the product – and in this way their advertising begins with themselves. This is why most personal trainers are buff, loud and typically in the gym as much as possible trying to pick up new clients by conversing, spotting and giving tips to gym goers.

A personal trainers online marketing strategy begins and ends with Instagram. Instagram is well known to be catered towards fitness, beauty, and travel. It allows personal trainers to highlight themselves as professionals and show their clients as social proof. Instagram is fantastic for posting workouts, cool exercises and vlogging diet and fitness related content.

Facebook and Instagram ads can be great for attracting a new audience through the use of dope videos showcasing hype workouts and client training sessions. This is perfect because you can target people that like fitness related pages or that have joined or considered joining a local gym.

Due to the visual nature of fitness, all personal trainers should consider starting a Youtube channel. Youtube is harder to do right, and therefore is much less saturated by top quality content. Youtube can provide a fantastic avenue for giving potential prospects more insight into what you do as a trainer, and helps them get to know you on a more personal level. Creating this connection can do wonders for your sales.

Streetworkout St kilda is a great example of a personal training company that has successfully integrated Instagram, Youtube and SEO.

Marketing in the private education industry – traditional paper format, Facebook groups and SEO

The education industry is very competitive, but not many professionals in this industry effectively tap into all marketing avenues. Websites are bland, advertisement is robotic and everyone seems to offer the same undifferentiated services. Like in any industry, it’s important to stand out and offer something that no one else is offering at a great price – or at least to justify a better service.

Private tutors and educators should focus on outreach to schools and parents. Many schools have some sort of newspaper that can be leveraged to promote a tutoring business. Moreover, free events at a school can be a great way to gain exposure! Flyers and business cards can be left at reception as well.

In the digital world, potential leads can generally be found in one of two places. Facebook groups where students hang out – this can be a great place to target students that need help and try to convert them to paying clients.

Moreover, Google Search and Local Map Packs are a great way to pick up clients. Parents and students alike use Google Search to find local tutoring services. Therefore Google Ads can be bought and used to outrank organic search results. SEO can also be used to show up in organic search results, which often appear less spammy.

Tutor Storm is a fantastic example of a private tutoring company that has leveraged local ranking and SEO.

Marketing in the photography industry – designer websites, Youtube, Instagram

Photography is an industry where your portfolio is everything. The name of the game in photography marketing is promoting your portfolio and making it look as professional as possible. This means you need the best possible photos, but it also means you need to present them in a professional way – a Facebook album just isn’t going to cut it.

Professional photographers need to opt into building a professional website to display their craft most effectively. There should be an emphasis on design as this is in many ways like an electronic business card.

Photographers can consider direct business outreach through email as well as building on SEO, Facebook and Instagram advertisement. Youtube can once again be a great way to show how you work – which can make potential clients more likely to trust your services.

Another great way for photographers to market their services is by publishing in magazines and other creative works, where their photographs can be given credit and exposure. This exposure is perhaps most important, as it can lead to collaborations with other creatives.


Different businesses should use marketing strategies that work best for their particular niches. Visual businesses such as fitness and photography can benefit more from video than the education industry – but businesses focused on private education can use traditional paper-based advertising more effectively. The strategy should fit the niche and not the other way around.

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