In 2019 Digital marketing is assessed as a rapid increase in internet usage. Despite being a developing country compared to other countries, the number of internet users amounted to 64 million people, accounting for 67% of the country’s population, up 28% over the same period last year, which is considered as an area with Digital Marketing investment and development potential.

On the other hand, thanks to the introduction of multi-level segmented smartphones suitable for most people, the number of phone users also increased compared to other years, and the speed achieved at 0.1%. Thanks to that development, the number of social network users on phones has increased many times over the previous year, the figure shows + 20% over the same period last year. Therefore, Digital Marketing is an indispensable approach to customers of businesses and it is not outside the growth rate of the world Digital Marketing platform.

Many users are using social networking as a daily dish, which is reflected at 94% of daily internet usage and once a week accounting for the remaining 6%. Social network users in all in 2019 accounted for more than half of the population (57%), and are becoming the media operation tool of most current businesses. In that lead is Facebook with 61% followed by Google with the type of Youtube. Online advertising accounts for 43%, almost doubling TV advertising and many times more than other advertising.

In 2019, we also saw an increase in the video – especially live videos – and privacy issues were brought to the forefront. Instagram released IGTV,  Google is building on new technology to allow users to create animations with Memojis and many brands are using chatbots to support customer service needs, answer questions and survey customers. line.

In the era of rapidly developing technology, Digital Marketing has been constantly changing, being ahead and capturing the fluctuations, the trend of digital marketing is a key factor to help companies and houses. Marketers achieve success in marketing strategies for brands and brands.

Above is an overview of the situation of Digital Marketing in 2019. In the future, how will we develop Digital Marketing and which Digital Marketing trends will lead the trend in 2019?

Data-driven Marketing – the solution to the problem “multi-channel customers”

 Data-driven Marketing is the use of data to optimize online advertising and brand promotion. This process includes collecting and analyzing data from customers such as habits, behaviors, desires, circumstances … to optimize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

According to statistics, the market has spent many millions on online advertising but the number of businesses that know how to use data-driven is still small, leading to low marketing efficiency. Therefore, businesses need to leverage data-driven resources to understand customers and build effective marketing strategies.

With the support of technology, getting customer data today is quite easy. Businesses may collect from online advertising campaigns and demographic data; data from customer relationship management systems or can buy data from 3rd parties. The key point here is that businesses must understand the data they have to identify the right customers and have filters well, adding opportunities to increase business revenue, avoiding side effects that make customers dislike the brand.

Properly oriented and optimizing the big data can bring about growth in many aspects of marketing campaigns such as sales effectiveness, user experience for services, efficiency. ROI marketing, profits, business growth, brand identity, investment capital … Therefore, businesses should change marketing thinking, instead of increasing costs to find new customers, then grow, collect. collecting data to take good care of our existing customers. As a result, businesses will have many loyal customers, build a good brand image and attract new customers.

Automatic marketing (Marketing Automation) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)

By the end of 2019, Google created a hot topic when it took the lead in applying AI in Automation Marketing with the launch of products such as Smart Campaign and Smart Shopping Campaign.

Artificial intelligence drives data analysis more and more effectively, making it easier for marketers to deliver personalized ads to their customers, including personalized content and unique outreach journeys. unique.

Automation Marketing including chatbot, email marketing, SMS marketing, etc. and AI to apply to digital marketing, particularly automation marketing, can help brands manage almost all the contact points (touchpoints) within customer life between brand and customer, from reaching, increasing engagement, engaging, analyzing data, optimizing leads generation, customer service to developing customer satisfaction Loyalty & loyalty to brands …

The marketing automation system can replace 100 day-careers days and night and whether you work or not, the system still works automatically thanks to computer-intervention, boosting profits, saving save a lot of time, money and effort.

It is not enough to talk about automation marketing without mentioning chatbots. Chatbots are specialized software, acting as a virtual “helper” to communicate in support of the user’s goals. Chatbots naturally interact with humans, primarily through the use of text or voice chat windows. Chatbots commonly used on Facebook allows users to be personalized and centralize interaction without spending too much manpower. Their effectiveness in 2019 has led to a significant increase in users and is expected to become the dominant player on the digital marketing front of 2019.

Video Marketing – Live Video

In 2019, Tubular Insights predicts Video Marketing will lead the digitalization with 80% of online content presented in visual form.

In an increasingly competitive market to attract customers’ attention, the video will be a golden communication channel to boost search rankings, interaction, and website traffic.

Last year 65% of companies increased their video advertising budgets, and the cost of advertising on YouTube also increased, accounting for 16% of the brand’s average advertising cost. This reflects the hobbies and media consumption habits.

This shows that video is still the leading content marketing method today and content marketing is better than video, which can only be live video.

Live video is like a “bright star” and become the leading digital marketing trend. Live video development is derived from live-broadcast-video-service, also known as Livestream, which has a positive impact on digital marketing campaigns when combined with influencers. With the presence of influencers such as celebrities, athletes or singers, the Livestream will become more attractive, accordingly, the amount of direct interaction via comments will increase significantly. The spontaneity and interactivity of a Livestream should be done carefully, professionally and with specific plans to create a positive marketing effect.

Mobile Marketing

Do not be too surprised that Mobile Marketing is still one of the Digital Marketing trends in 2019. When thinking of digital we always think of the first forms of mobile marketing, this is no longer the trend, but it is A mandatory job of every business that intends to implement the Marketing Plan.

According to the study, mobile in the global market has 64 million internet users, the number of simultaneous users using mobile devices is 61.73 million, accounting for 96% of internet users & 64% of world population, Of which 72% regularly use 3G / 4G to access the internet. Each mobile user accesses the internet on average 2.8 hours a day, of which more than 80% of the time is to access social networks. Looking at this statistic, businesses have also partly understood the importance of Video Marketing in their development.

However, despite its importance, few people are interested in optimizing the user experience on mobile devices and understand that the core of mobile marketing is that the website is optimized for mobile devices. or mobile applications. And designing mobile-friendly websites (RWD-Responsive Web Design or Mobile Responsive Web) is now a popular method and a must. That’s why optimizing the user experience on mobile devices is one of the digital marketing trends in 2019.

And the main trend is the application of newer technologies and techniques for better optimization. To optimize the user experience on mobile devices in addition to RWD, the web still needs to apply new technologies such as AMP Technology – Accelerated Mobile Pages (temporarily called: Increasing speed access for mobile devices) and Progressive Web Application Technology (PWAs).

Voice interaction

Today, users tend to use interactive virtual voice assistants like Siri, Google, Alexa and a range of voice-controlled smart devices every day to find useful information. , shop and discover new things for yourself.

However, this presents some challenges when you ask the device to perform a search, which can only provide one or a few answers. Therefore, to adapt and take advantage of the trend of voice interaction requires marketers to think about optimizing content first to achieve the desired effect.

Snack Ads – Short ads

Snack Ads is a fairly new phrase in Marketing in nowadays. However, Snack Ads have been exploited by big companies like Google, fox and gradually occupied a high position in the global Digital Marketing trend. We can simply imagine that Snack Ads are used to render ads in the form of videos shorter than 10 seconds.

Ignoring traditional videos with too long content that is time-consuming and annoying, many people are attracted to super-short videos with creative content that easily catches customers’ eyes and views. also higher.

Besides, short videos help convey the message quickly, help the brand and products of the business spread better.

However, with the benefits of Snack Ads compared to traditional video ads, Marketers should invest the energy and mind to create Videos that touch the emotions of viewers. And to keep viewers watching, Snack deserves to be a bright candidate for the trend of Digital Marketing in 2019.

Value chain:Blockchain

Today, with the development of the times, digital marketing is developing at a dizzying pace. However, along with it are the advances in Blockchain technology, which will change the “world” of digital marketing in a whole new way.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital technology and is affecting many industries, including Digital Marketing, bringing a “new revolution” for consumers and businesses. Blockchain helps electronic devices to interact transparently, ensure privacy, prevent data leakage …

The blockchain platform brings a big change to the interaction between ads and users. They can decide what type of ad they want to see. Instead of having to see dozens of junk ads, they can see the ads that interest them the most and re-engage with them. Blockchain is becoming a new wave, promising a bright future for Digital Marketing.

In fact, to take the lead in Digital Marketing and achieve high efficiency, businesses need to change their thinking flexibility, approach trends in a subtle way, do not be afraid to experiment to get out of the well. Applying correctly and exploiting all the potential advantages of Digital Marketing trends will help businesses promote their brands, promote business and develop sustainably.

Author Bio

Sumiya Sha is the author of the Li Creative Technologies. She tried out lots of Digital Marketing strategies and she has given the review for most of the best Digital Marketing techniques that she tried out. She encourages her readers to share their ideas and information too about that.

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