Top 5 Activities You Can Learn To Help You Destress and Earn Money

Today almost all of us indulge in leisure activities in our free time. These activities help us to destress from our busy schedule at work. Many of us have full-time jobs. Some have jobs they don’t enjoy doing and are seeking to pursue their passions. Let me tell you that you can follow your passions and even earn money doing it.

If you feel that you are not earning enough in your full-time job and would like to use your free time to earn more and that too doing something you enjoy, that’s absolutely possible. You could learn and master a new skill by taking an online training program. Depending upon your interests, you could use that skill to earn extra income. If this skill is something you enjoy doing, it will destress you as well.

In this article, I’m going to discuss a few of the trending topics today that one could pursue to follow the passions that would destress them as well as give them a supplementary income.


Photography is an art form in which one captures images through a camera. It is in great demand. People passionate about photography have great demand. For photography, one must have the right kind of camera to click pictures. If you are passionate about photography but have not the right training, you could always enroll in a photography workshop for training. The training course is usually shot in duration.

The right camera is of utmost importance for photography. The lens of the camera determines the quality of the photograph. Photography is capturing light through a camera lens and converting it to an image. That’s why you will see that there are cameras that are very expensive too. For starters, you can buy a camera with a good lens that is affordable. Then, as you improve your photographic skill, you could upgrade to a better one.

As for the applications of photography, you could do wildlife photography, click photos of events for newspapers, wedding photography, among a few. Models require good photographers to click photos for them to make up their portfolio for their auditions. You could do that as well. Successful photographers make a good deal of money. You could also quit your full-time job and follow this passion of yours if you are doing well. While pursuing this activity, you will find that you have no pressure, and you are relieved of stress. You can learn how to start a photography blog at 9Mousai

Cyber Security

Cyber security is in huge demand these days. This is because of practically everything going online. The internet has changed a lot since its inception. Nowadays, so many transactions are done on the internet, making Cyber security of high importance. There are hackers in huge numbers who want to steal your personal information and want to get hold of your financial details. A good Cyber security expert can prevent this from happening.

To become a Cyber security professional, you have to have some basic knowledge of information technology and computer networking. If you are already working in an information technology-related field and you have a strong interest in computer security, then this field is right for you. Cyber security professionals are highly paid.

To become a Cyber security professional, you will need to have a Cyber security certification/s. You can search online and find which certification is right for you. The certifications have different levels of expertise as well—levels like basic, advanced, and expert. There are many training institutes that train you for these certifications, and some may offer online training as well. If you have a passion for computer-related technologies, especially ethical hacking, this field is right for you. You could also work part-time or full-time as a Cyber security consultant and charge by the hour. Cyber security consultants are paid extremely well for the services they offer.


The action of trying to catch fish is called fishing. We normally catch fish in the wild. The various techniques that we use for catching fish are spearing, angling, netting, trapping, and hand gathering. Fishing may also include catching water creatures other than fish, such as cephalopods, mollusks, echinoderms, and crustaceans. Catching fish, in addition, in order to be eaten, can also be done for recreational purposes.

Catching fish requires a lot of time and patience. There is no guarantee that you will get a good sizeable catch every time you go fishing. When in the act of fishing, you find yourself to be immersed in nature. You will enjoy the chirping of the birds, the cool breeze blowing on you, and you always have an expectation that a good catch will come your way.

Fishing on weekends and holidays is an excellent way to destress. It makes you forget all your troubles and enjoy the present moment. The fish that you catch you could cook for your home. If you go fishing in a group, you could have a fish barbeque with the catch with your friends. Going fishing in a boat in the lake is a great experience.

If you are good at fishing and lucky and manage to catch a good quantity of fish, you could always sell it to the local fishmonger and earn some extra bucks.


Music is a universal language. It is the expression of one’s soul. Good music is always appreciated by all. Music is a skill one can master with ease. Some of us have good vocals, while others are good at playing a musical instrument. Some can sing as well as play a musical instrument well. Music is one of the best ways to destress known to mankind.

To learn how to sing or play a musical instrument, you can join some good music classes. Now, in this age of the internet, you can learn online too. Good musicians earn a lot of money by performing at various events. Once you are confident of your music skills, you can put them to practice.

You can perform as a one-man-band. You can also join a band with like-minded individuals. You can also give music classes to children as well as adults. You can also produce a music album or a music single and upload it on YouTube. There are so many successful musicians who have done this and are making a good deal of money. You can also play at family functions or local events and show-off your skills.

Listening to music destresses us as well. Listening to music, we like, calms us down and makes us forget about the troubles of life temporarily. You can also make cover versions of your favorite songs and post them on YouTube.


The practice of descending underwater is called diving. This is done to interact with the underwater environment. The high ambient pressure exposure and the act of being immersed in water are not suited for humans. The physiological effects limit the duration and depth possible.

Recreational or sport diving is diving done for enjoyment or leisure, mostly using scuba equipment. This form of diving is highly enjoyable for those passionate about diving. Spending a long time underwater gazing at the beautiful undersea life and environment destresses you by a great deal.

One can use this activity to earn money as well on weekends and holidays. You can teach children about diving and organize diving tours for them. You can also plan special diving events for adults. You can become an underwater photographer, a skill that is in great demand. You could also film the underwater life and surroundings.

This recreational activity is high risk and should be carried out with safety following standard safety procedures. You need to have special training in order to use to be able to dive underwater. You can do solo-diving by yourself or buddy diving where you take a companion along with you. for those passionate about diving and the underwater environment; diving is a great stress buster.


All these activities described in this article are all great for relieving stress. You need to have passionate about them and enjoy doing them. You can use them to earn extra income too. You can either work on them in your free time. You could also work on them part-time on weekends and holidays. If you are doing well and the earning potential is better than your present work full-time, you can always quit your job and follow your passion while earning a decent income.

You could do short gigs, or take contracts, or be a freelancer. You can choose whatever suits you best. Whatever you do, whether it is photography, Cyber security, fishing, music, or diving, whether you enjoy doing it, you can always pursue your dreams. If you are good at your passion and want to earn some income when possible, you could always do it. Remember, working on your passion will destress you as well as give you enjoyment.

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