What do you need for a paint and sip party in Denver?

Having a sip and paint party is a fun way to kick back and enjoy the evening. These are great events to have because it gets everyone in a creative state of mind in a calmer atmosphere. People don’t have to go out to a bar where it’s a bit noisy. Here are some of the things you need for your sip and paint party.

Good Materials

One of the key elements to having a sip n paint party Denver is having the right materials present. Here are a few things you’ll need to get the right vibrations together:

  • Get a 9×12 canvas to make it easier for your friends to paint on
  • Have different paintbrushes from a fine point, medium, and large flat brushes to help everyone get more depth in their pieces
  • A solo-cup of water to help clean the paint off or wet the brush for better paint strokes

Additionally, you want people to have their own space. They need at least a few feet of room to get into their work to help them focus and bring out the best in their creativity.

Ample Lightning

The atmosphere needs to be right because you need to see what you’re doing. Maybe it’s a more intimate setting so you can have a light dimmer to give it that type of mood. It’ll provide the ambiance for the evening when you accompany it with the right music.

Maybe you’ll be in a loft type of atmosphere where the ceilings are high to create a unique lighting effect. These small details matter because you want the paint to feed off the vibe of the room.

The Right Party Food

You can have more hearty items at your event, but put that in a separate area for a sitdown spot to have a meal. While everyone paints, you want finger foods like veggies, fruits, and desserts that can fit in one hand. This way, it’ll free up the drawing hand to paint.

While hard liquor is acceptable, wine and champagne are the better choices. This is more of a kickback and pace yourself kind of event. Some dessert or red wine would also pair well with the treats at your  paint and sip soiree.

Get a group of friends together and have a relaxing evening out in a calmer atmosphere. 

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